External storage drive unmounts at system reboot

Hi all,

I have an NVMe SSD storage plugged in to my Jetson Xavier NX Dev Kit for additional storage. Since my Docker images and containers takes up too much space, I have pointed the data-root of the Docker to some directory on the SSD. Then I set the drive to be mounted automatically at every system startup. Now my problem is, sometimes the drive looks unmounted at system startup. Even though I see it listed in the df -H output, my Docker images doesn’t get listed when I list them until I do sudo systemctl restart docker.service. My theory is that sometimes mounting process takes longer then the system startup so it can not catch the flow and looks unmounted.

What would be the reason for this issue? What would be the workaround for it?


There are topics discussing about running commands at startup. Please check Jetson Nano FAQ

Q: How to autorun an app or commands at startup?

Ad see if you can apply it to your usecase for a try.

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