Externals inclusion

Not sure if a bug, but in the repo, the only externals included is dear_imgui_addons

Not a problem, I can just add the dependencies manually, only, this error gets thrown in FalcorMath.h

#error GLM_CLIP_SPACE_Y_TOPDOWN is undefined. It means the custom fix we did in GLM to support Vulkan NDC space is missing. Look at GLMs setup.hpp and glm\etc\matrix_clip_space.inl

Was there alteration to the GLM code base that was made within the Falcor repo and somehow was purged accidentally?
I grep’d through the directory and couldn’t find other mentions of it.

If the externals were intentionally precluded to simplify licensing/packaging, where or what is the “custom fix”?

What’s the damage if I just manually #define GLM_CLIP_SPACE_Y_TOPDOWN on my own?

Thanks, Trevor

Figured it out.
I was doing it the hard way.

packman crashed the first time I ran the build. Since it was unable to download the external packages, the build was failing. The build has unmet external dependencies, so I went looking for them.

The build genuinely could not be simpler.
Uninstalling local copies of Python 3.7 and then cleaning/rebuilding fixed it