extlinux.conf not working

I’m just starting out trying to get a custom kernel to boot.

I’m starting with just trying to use the extlinux.conf (stock one from the sdk release, except the last part un-commented)

I’ve tried placing the file into /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf. However cboot does not look like it is accessing the file at all, as I wish to place a custom kernel command line.

I know this is basic, what am I doing wrong?

Xavier releases don’t use U-Boot (the CBoot stage precedes U-Boot on platforms using U-Boot, but CBoot directly boots on Xavier), and thus don’t use extlinux.conf. I don’t know of any simple way to have alternate boot images.

Rebuild cboot_t194.bin file (using the instructions from the Documentation) with CONFIG_ENABLE_EXTLINUX_BOOT=1 in the cboot_src/bootloader/partner/t18x/cboot/platfor
m/t194/l4t.mk file.

Please note that an entry for “FDT” (dtb file location) is necessary in the extlinux.conf file.