Extra path on a material binding when referencing a file

When refencing a file with a mesh binding a material, the binding material in Usdview add an extra path to the path written in the file itself, making usdview not able to find the correct material.

As the image below, the file path written is “Scene/Material/MaterialName” which is retrieve with UsdShade.Material.Get(stage, material), but when opening usdview, it automatically add an extra-path “Path/To/Current/ReferenceMesh/Material/MaterialName”

I don’t understand exactly what is happening and why it is like this, I am guessing it is only happening when a reference is called, but still it should not behave like that.

So there is a bug or like an unexpected behavior from my testing.

When creating a material in a main.usda and adding a mesh reference to circle.usda, then bind with that material, the circle does take the material color,
But only if the circle.usda have usdGeomSubset and bind the subset with that material, on the usdview the path displaying is the incorrect and different from the file itself, resulting not be able to find the correct material.

This is definitely a problem on the UsdGeomSubset side.