Extract RAW from Zed X Mini Camera on Orin NX using Argus

I’m using a headless Orin NX (ROS1 Noetic, ubuntu 20.04, Zed Box) in conjunction with the Zed Box’s GMSL2 capture card and the Zed X Mini camera.

I wish to publish RAW as well as encoded images from the camera using ROS 1.
I’ve been using a lightly modified version of the nodelet utilized by zed-ros-wrapper’s zedxm.launch file, which has worked fine for publishing compressed images.
However, I have learned that to exract RAW, I will need to use Argus, which I’m unfamiliar with.
I have been looking at the jetson_multimedia_api/argus/samples, in particular, cudaBayerDemosaic and rawBayerOutput. Unfortunately, these are not running for me yet, as I get the error: “(Argus) Error NotSupported: Failed to initialize EGLDisplay (in src/eglutils/EGLUtils.cpp…”. I assume this is related to the fact I’m running in a headless mode. None of the suggestions I’ve come across (e.g. export DISPLAY=:0) seem to work. I have also tried removing the obvious pieces of the examples that might be trying to use a display.

Is there a way to get past this error?
In general, what is the recommended approach to marry Argus with the ecosystem/ROS node above to offer both RAW and compressed image frames?
Is there a framerate limitation to what I can achieve publishing RAW using the Argus API in the ecosystem I have?
Is there an example code or recommended high level code organization someone might be able to offer?

Any help/guidance is appreciated.

What’s error?
If you mean the EGL initial error, then yes need export the DISPLAY=:0 for it.

That didn’t immediately work for me (I haven’t yet tried using a dummy hdmi plug).
However, the more pressing issue is that I don’t see a format offered by Argus to pull Bayer RAW10 frames.
I’m working with a Zed X Mini and that format is necessary.
Is there a suitable format for this in Argus?

RAW10/RAW12 should working for argus.
I would suggest consult with vendor to get more information.


Part of my confusion stems from the lack of a type specific to Bayer RAW10 at:


My assumption is that there should be one there for Argus to support it.

The Argus API doesn’t need to public the RAW format.


How do I retrieve Bayer RAW10 frames from the sensor using Argus?

Please check the programing guide to implement the sensor kernel driver.


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