Extracting Velocity from NvDCF Tracker

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Jetson NX
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I am running a custom deepstream app that uses RetinaNet to track objects. I am using the NvDCF tracker.

I was wondering if there is any way to extract the velocity of the objects being tracked? In the documentation it states:

“MovingAvgEstimator (MAE) and Kalman Filter (KF). Both KF and MAE have 7 states defined, which include {x, y, a, h, dx, dy, dh} , where x and y indicate the coordinates of the top-left corner of a target bbox, while a and h do the aspect ratio and the height of the bbox, respectively. dx, dy, and dh are the velocity of the three parameters”

I was hoping to extract this information rather than track across multiple frames and calculate them myself.

Please let me know if anyone has any information pertaining to this subject.



Unfortunately, this information is not available.
But you can calculate the motion via matched bbox in adjacency frame directly.