Extractor Audio from HDMI for more audio sources


I intend for my new design implemented with TK1, to interpose between HDMI output connector and Display, an extractor AUDIO from HDMI 1.4, as, for example AHS-110 Audio Extractor (http://www.covid.com/templates/product.aspx?ProductGuid=LUX-AHD-110&GroupGuid=173&SearchMode=False)
I hope to get a bigger power sound, or is better to use an Audio Amplifier just on Audio Codec signals (in parallel with audio jack)?

Thank you for your suggestion,

This is just an HDMI splitter. Many examples here:

That signal is digital, but many splitters provided analog audio stereo out (basically line out levels suitable for most sound system inputs or computer speaker inputs). Here’s one example:

I don’t know what the requirements would be if you were to implement your own.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. Yes, with the extractor you recommended me (VHD-H2HSAs), I understand that is possible to use for Audio one Audio Equipment and for images one cable from HDMI output of Jetson to a monitor/display. Great!

Please permit me one more question, that appears now, in desire to cut of the cost: is it possible to connect Jetson TK1 from HDMI ouput to one TV with HDMI input? If this works, and the TV provides the both sound and image, then I can renounce to Extractor Audio.
But in this forum I didn’t find any topic referring to the connection of Jetson TK1 to TV HDMI.
Is this one so difficult operation? What needs of Jetson to be possible such connection?
Raspberry Pi plus NOOBS OS works with TV, for example.

Thank you again for your kindness and help.


I’m not sure I understand the question. Obviously you can go from JTK1 HDMI-out to TV HDMI-in, so I’m wondering if you are trying to do the equivalent of the hardware splitter but only in software instead? Or are you talking about adapting to a TV with RCA analog TV in jack?

HDMI by itself sends audio to the TV, so this is not an issue. If audio does not go to the TV with HDMI, then you know the audio mixer settings are at fault, it would not be a case of hardware problems. In general HDMI is standardized such that the Jetson is no different from the other computers out on the market…it is only the software driving the HDMI which differs. Jetson’s software for how this behaves is mostly the same as all other Linux; differences include defaults and various ranges of accepted values (some HDMI will default to a different resolution, some HDMI will be capable of outputs at different resolutions or scan rates, but the basics of how it works will remain constant among all Linux HDMI).

Note that although the HDMI contains a data pipe for audio that the audio is an independent component relative to video. Software changes for video typically are not linked to software changes to audio (other than perhaps synchronizing). HDMI audio software should be thought of as a separate system that runs in parallel to video.

If this does not cover the question, then a more detailed description of connectors (including where split or where changed to a different connector type) and cables to devices (such as TV or speaker) would help.