Extreme memory and cpu usage under Linux


we have a scene, that takes round about 2GB of RAM when we open it with Create under Windows. But when opening the same Scene under Linux it takes ages to load, and when loaded the process consumes more than 21(!)GB of ram and one CPU core is constantly running at 100%.

Any ideas how to find out what could cause this?



Hi Carl,

we have noticed those things on the latest release and are looking into it as a matter of urgency.
the CPU overhead is easy to reproduce now and this is our top priority

we dont have a repro case for the Memory one, would you be able to share the Scene with us ?
otherwise we can look at some scene to see if we can find some that show that issue


I´ve send you a private message with the scene, that produces the large RAM consuption. If you need access to our machine to reproduce the problem, don´t hesitate to ask… 👍