Eye animation

Hi, will there be any workflow on how we can use eye animation in Blender? I know eyes are being driven by xform, I’ve exported the cache file using rigid xform option, but the file is just huge, about 50 mb, when my full face animation exported with json is about 800 kb.

I’ve exported the cache, but don’t know what to do with it, maybe there is also a way for the eye animation not be so heavy? Thank you.

We’re currently working on including jaw and teeth xform values to the blendShape weights json file.

In the meantime, you can export the xform cache as USD using A2F Data Conversion -> Geometry Cache -> Export Cache Choose USD as the format, then select Rigid XForm As Keys.

You can import this USD file in blender using File -> Import -> Universal Scene Description, which will import the head as point cache which you can delete, plus eyes and teeth as xform cache which should be very light.

Thanks for the explanation, but can how to deal with that eye animation? Is there a way to apply it to my character in blender and how it can be done? Thanks again.

You should be able to create a rotation constraint from l_choroid_hi to your eye geo in blender.
This is more of a Blender question. So you should be able to find tons of tutorials about how to constrain objects in Blender.

Thank you, I will try it when will have some free, if I’ll have some questions, can I ask them here?

Yes absolutely! Feel free to ask here if you can’t find Blender related question online and we’ll do our best to provide you the correct solution.

I’ve imported that cache file but can’t find any file named l_choroid_hi

And also I’ve I finally make my character’s eye animate in Blender, how can I then export that animation to Unity?

I’ve managed to copy the rotation constrain from my character’s eye to a2f character eye, I’ve just needed to extract also eyes, not only the skin for head, but what is challenging to understand, that I don’t know which files I can delete to reduce file size and which one’s I need to save for my character’s eye to take rotation from. And also it is hard to understand how this type of animation will work in Unity.

You can delete the head (or body) geometry from the exported cache. As you only need that cache for eyes, teeth and tongue.

I’m not quite sure if Unity supports USD yet. It probably makes sense to create a new thread for transferring animation to Unity.