Eye diagram for pcie

I’ve tuned usb by followed NVIDIA JETSON TX2 USB2.0 TUNING GUIDE.
Is there instruction for pcie that can let me tuned pcie?

Hi yi,

If you totally follow the OEM DG to do layout design, then PCIe should be good enough. If you are looking for some tips on PCIe tuning, please search the related topics in forum.

Hi Trumany

How can I know my signal is good enough?
Is there any way to test?

You can measure the signal with scope when there is data transfer between your board and PCIe device.

Dear Trumany,
The problem is that there is no data transfer between my board and scope. Is there any register we need to set for eye diagram? Like USB, you have document “Jetson_TX2_USB2_Tuning_Guide_Application_Note.pdf”.
Thank you.