F-X430044 24 port DDR switch factory reset and firmware update


I’ve just picked up a F-X43044 DDR switch for my home lab and would like to do a complete reset and reload on it. Thus the following 2 questions:

  1. How do I reset it?

  2. where can I download the latest firmware to make it ‘current’.



Hi Bob,

The F-X430044 is a Flextornics OEM switche.

Please contact Flextronics representatives:

Michael.Dolkin@il.flextronics.com mailto:Michael.Dolkin@il.flextronics.com

Tomer.Fridman@il.flextronics.com mailto:Tomer.Fridman@il.flextronics.com

As further info, I’m not seeing anything come out of the serial port with either a straight through or crossover cable.