F95 compiler bug?

I put a test program up at


I believe the code is correct, but the binary generated by pgf95 segfaults. I’ve also tried it with the compilers from Sun, Intel, DEC/Compaq/HP (Alpha), and GNU. The binaries generated by these other compilers run correctly.

This is with the latest version of the PGI compilers.

Can anyone see a bug in my code?


Hi Chip,

Thank you for the report and the nice test code. I have verfied that the pgf901 seg fault has been fixed in the 6.2-5 release (currently scheduled for release Nov. 2nd, 2006). However, it appears that there are other compiler issues so I have created a technical problem report (TPR#3990) and have passed this on to our Engineering team.

Hopefully we can address these issues shortly.


Thanks a million for the quick reply.