Face Detection using OpenCV and CUDA how make it real

Hi everybody,
I’m making a program that uses a webcam to detect people’s faces and do some other stuff.
to make that i use opencv, and most specifically i use

cascade2->detectMultiScale( smallImg, faces,1.1, 2, 0|CV_HAAR_SCALE_IMAGE,cv::Size(20, 20));

function that on my core i5 3.3ghz is too slow, i get only 5 fps.

is there a way to exploit CUDA’s abilities to get face detection quickly?

On OpenCV documentation there’s a large part about cuda’s function but i found nothing useful there

I’m trying using the same method for detect traffic signs, but i’m new in cuda any advance ?

OpenCV already provides some CUDA support, according to these pages.

Maybe try if this already includes your required feature set.