Face Disappears as a get close to her

Face Disappears as a get close to her…

Screen rec:

@mdtahreem this is likely due to potentially two reasons:

1. camera clipping - in A2F, the default perspective camera values for is set to timesampled keyframe (see below) and will prevent you from making any adjustments


one possible workaround, perhaps, is to create a new camera and treat this as your perspective camera:


and then adjust the near clipping range (X) property to a lower value than the default 1.0 (though i have to say, i rarely have to do this, so see #2 below):



2. mesh scale - clipping plays into this as well. but imagine you have two cameras with the same near clipping range, and one head is 50x larger. you will need to zoom out a lot further to see the whole head and cause no issues with clipping versus a tiny head that’s 1 cm tall, you will need to zoom in way in order to see; thus making the near clipping range much more of a factor in determining when the face is clipped off.

so in your case, make sure the head is not super tiny. you can try opening an examples scene that is shipped with A2F and do proper comparison.


this clip demonstrates the value on the near clipping range on a custom camera and depicts how position of the camera can be tied to value used in this param (along with the scale of the head)

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