Facebook Restricting Cloud Streaming?

I was thinking for our purposes that the Oculus Quest 2 would be our preferred platform for CloudXR, so I was concerned when I saw this article over the weekend:

Is this going to be an issue for CloudXR? Or is it anticipated that Enterprise users with “For Business” Oculus headsets would be the main target audience and not subject to the restrictions mentioned in the article?

Correct, NVIDIA CloudXR at present is targeted at Enterprise and the OFB distribution is the target. The “no streaming apps” stance in the Oculus store is consistent from early on. The fact that Oculus has allowed VR Desktop into the store is actually a step in a positive direction.

Sorry for bumping a dead thread, but with Facebook (Meta) doing away with the Oculus for Business offering in December of 2021 and Quest for Business not going live until 2023, what is the recommended process to utilize a consumer Quest 2 with CloudXR? Register as a developer with Meta and use SideQuest or is the problem moot because the Quest 2 would be in developer mode and the app transferred locally and not via a store?


In general, I’d refer you to Meta, since I don’t know what their rules might be with all the changes happening there.

I’ll ping someone on the biz side here in case he has thoughts, or has a contact he can reach out to in order to get an answer – clearly you aren’t the only person who will need to know how development/deployment/licensing will work.


Thanks! - In the meantime, we are able to continue development without the “for Business” model, we just won’t be able to publish to the Oculus Store, correct?