Facenet pip install requirement.txt

In the jupyter notebook facenet example there is a cell that says this:

Install requirement
!pip install -r $PROJECT_DIR/requirements-pip.txt

Since it is not included in the facenet example file I had to clone the facenet github repo and move it to my “tlt_experiments/facenet” folder and rename it as “requirements-pip.txt” to get it to work.
Just wanted to point that out.

Could you download the latest notebook?
$ ngc registry resource download-version “nvidia/tlt_cv_samples:v1.0.1”

The requirements-pip.txt is under deps folder.

!pip install -r $PROJECT_DIR/deps/requirements-pip.txt"

More info in

I did not understand the DIR mapping.
I understand now.
That should clear up a lot of the issues I have been having