Facing issue in downloading OpenCV-contrib python in Jetson Nano (16GB eMMC board)

I have already downloaded the OpenCV, CUDA Toolkit of the required compatibility. And due to low space I have extended the storage by adding external SSD and by rootfs I have also transfered the root to the SSD. After doing all this, I was not able to setup OpenCV-contrib in Jetson Nano. So, is it really possible to install OpenCV-contrib on any of the Jetson module having eMMC or All the Jetson with eMMC are not compatible with running OpenCV-contrib.

Unlike Xavier NX developer kit, there is no PCIe M key slot on Jetson Nano developer kit, so it is not possible to have rootfs in NVMe SSD y default. Not sure if this works but you may try to have rootfs at USB disk by referring to steps in
GitHub - JetsonHacksNano/rootOnUSB: Set rootfs to be on a USB drive

And install SDK Components through apt-get install commands after booting.

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