Facing Issues Regularly like Display and Touchscreen in My iPad Air


I am currently using my iPad Air which I just buy two months ago and really happy with its services but after using three or four weeks I am getting certain Issues regarding its screen and color adjustment.

Come to its touchscreen issue, I am unable to click and write anything which creates lots of problems and irritates me.

My iPad does not seem right to me as its color especially brightness and saturation does not match with each other and gives me more warmth or yellowish color.

Please note that my night shield or any protective shield is not on so I think it is the problem which I facing right now is not due to my settings.

But after moving my iPad, sometimes it shows a ray of hope that it will be fine but after moving again it comes backs to its original position.

I am currently working as the Managing Director at the car wash Perth which best for its car services.

Thanks for having me and give me a platform for asking my query.

I checked all the queries on your platform and then I am sure that you will be able to answer this query as soon as possible.