Facing problem in flashing the eMMC Jetson Nano production ready module (not the Dev Kit)


I am currently working on flashing the Jetson Nano modules, using the sdk manager. The carrier board is a custom one which does not have USB and HDMI ports, but only a mini USB port, to be able to work in the USB recovery mode. The sdk manager reports flashing to be successful (of course, this is just the OS image and not the sdk components like CUDA), but I cannot SSH (I get the error: SSH connection refused). I suspect that after cold boot, the device is trying to setup the System Configuration wizard, which I cannot access, and hence the ssh server might not be ready. How do I overcome this problem? Is there a way I could change some kernel parameters so that the System Configuration is skipped, or some configuration that can be set manually before flashing?

Just to add, I am using Jetpack 4.2.1.

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