Factorization for batched matrices


I noticed a function for lu factorization of batched matrices - cublasDgetrfBatched() which accepts the vector of matrices. Is there a possibility to pass one-dimensional array of matrices to this function or is there any alternative to this function for that purpose. From the function signature I understood that it expects something like vector[BatchId][NxN], where first major index is index of a matrix and second corresponds to matrix element. I already have a matrix but stored as a one-dim array, like this - vector[N1xN1, N2xN2, … NkxNk], where N1 = N2 = … = Nk Could you please give some clarifications, whether such layout could be passed into that function?

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You can’t pass that layout “directly”, however it should be trivial to pass the correct input representation. You would simply pass a vector that looks like:

v = [ vector, vector + N*N, vector + N*N*2,  ...]

This can be done trivially with a for-loop in host code.

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