Factory Of The Future Simulation: TensorRT Error!

I am new to Isaac sdk and I have been trying to run Factory Of The Future Simulation. I have installed all the necessary packages as mentioned at https://docs.nvidia.com/isaac/isaac/doc/setup.html. but my TensorRT doesn’t seem friendly :(

my drivers details are as follows:

OS Pop!_OS 18.04 LTS
Bazel |2.2.0
GPU_Driver 440.100
Cuda 10.0.130
TensorFlow 1.15.0
pycapnp 0.6.4
librosa 0.8.0
SoundFile 0.10.3.post1
Python2 2.7.17
Python3 3.6.9

please assist me to resolve this issue.

Hello there,
JP 4.3 & 8Gb of RAM ?

maybe try with generic ubuntu

@Planktos I have 16GBs of Ram, i7 -7700HQ Quadcore Processor (4 Cores - 8 Threads), GTX 1060 6GB?

@Planktos have you managed to run this with 8GB of RAM?

I can run it with 4Gb ^^
Do you have Jetpack 4.3 or 4.4 ?

@Planktos coool!
I have just installed generic Ubuntu…
which Jetpack version should I Install?

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@Planktos but don’t have Jetson on any other embedded device where I can burn the jetpack image?? I am just intended to run the simulation on my PC I don’t think so that we need jetpack for that???

am I missing sth?

Yes you need to download the SDK manager that will install almost all dependency on your host computer (the rest of the dep are installed with the .sh, just follow setup doc), so no need for nvidia hardware (well you need a graphic card haha) just install the dep of jetpack 4.3 with sdk manager.

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Here is the steps summary :

Dl and run jetpack 4.3 at “https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-sdk-manager
Dl and extract at “https://developer.nvidia.com/isaac/downloads
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-440

@Planktos SDK Manager going to install Cuda runtime liberaries as well?? or that i have to install manually from:

yes the cuda runtime as well

HI @Planktos: TensoRT error is fixed and now i am facing this :(

the error shows up and simulation goes shutdown??

Well a malloc error is about allocating memory so maybe cuda is not correctly setup.
Did you ran /isaac/engine/build/scripts/install_dependencies.sh and sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-440 ?
Check again your cuda version.
Try the cuda ping pong tuto to see if cuda can perform basic tasks.
The error could also come from your hardware but it’s unlikly.
Good luck

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I am getting two different version outputs about CUDA?!
Screenshot from 2020-07-30 12-22-57|570x500