fail in UME error 22

I amd using valgrind as suggested in a previous thread to check my program for any memory leaks. When I compile it for Valgrind (simply adding the -g option) and run it using the memcheck tool, I get the folowing output.

james@james-Precision-WorkStation-T7500:~/Desktop/WEGtestOpt$ valgrind --tool=memcheck  ./grab_gcc_debug
valgrind: mmap(0x8062000, 858030080) failed in UME with error 22 (Invalid argument).
valgrind: this can be caused by executables with very large text, data or bss segments.

Now I have searched the internet and I believe that this is just an unfixed bug in Valgrind. I thought changing to binutils-gold would help. But I have the latest version of binutils gold.

Apparently, many large static matrix memory reserves are casing Valgrind to max out of memory. The memcheck tool usues a lot of memory and my program also usues a lot of memory.

I have only the 32-bit c/c++ workstation so I may be hitting 4 GB memory wall so maybe this cannot be fixed.

Yet, maybe there is a work around.

Has anyone seen this message before and what did they do to fix it?

Any help appreaciated, thanks in advance.

THX 1138