Fail to Deploy Object Detection with DetectNetv2 on Xavier Jetson

I am trying to deploy the object detection model with detectNetv2 following this link: Object Detection with DetectNetv2 — ISAAC 2020.2 documentation.

My aim is to have the app running on my Xavier Jetson. However, every time I deploy the application using the following command line (which the command that I always use to deploy apps to Jetson):

./../engine/engine/build/ --remote_user <robot-name> -p //packages/detect_net/apps:detect_net_inference_app-pkg / -d jetpack44 -h <robot=ip>

When I navigate to the deploy directory on the Jetson. The app directory is empty, it downloads all the requirement except the application to run it.

Can someone tell me what am doing wrong ?

Moving to Isaac forum for resolution.

During running of the deploy script, did you happen to see files being rsync’ed over to your target? You can add set -x to the top of the script to see the commands invoked. When you specify --remote_user, you are providing the target system’s username, not the name of the robot, right?