Fail to install SDK components on Nano using sdkmanager (sudo problem)

I have a Nano system running JetsonOS (Ubuntu 18.04.6) and I’m trying to install Jetpack components (v4.6.2) on the target using sdkmanager (v1.8.0.10363) on the host machine (Ubuntu 18.04.6). The manger properly asks for an administrative password (which is as simple as 12345) but then the check process fails with an error about wrong password for sudo (is says it tries 3 times with same error).
What could be the problem?

It is administrator’s password of the host PC. Not sure if you fill it in correctly.

Or you may login to Jetson Nano and install through apt-get install commands.

I’m sure I can type in “12345” 100% correctly.
What would be apt install commands? Any particular documentation page on this?

Ok, there’s a bug in the sdkmanager. If the host and the target logins are same, then sdkmanager gets confused in their passwords (as a developer I can suppose that probably it stores a map login->password which gets wrongly populated as it cannot have two entries with the same key).

To reproduce:

  1. Create user “sdktest” on both host and target.
  2. Set different passwords (say, 12345 and 67890).
  3. Use sdkmanager to update the target components using “ethernet” option.

It will fail on “Access to APT repository” step with the error message about wrong password for sudo. Confirm this in the target /var/log/auth.log.

Workaround: use different user names or same passwords.

Please fix it.

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