Fail to launch L4T on TX2 after the installation of Jatpack 3.2

I just got my TX2 a couple of days ago and this was my first time to install Jatpack 3.2 using a host. Everything seemed to go well while I failed to launch the on-board OS (L4T) after I finished installation. There is no video output from TX2 except the NVidia logo and some rolling text on the screen which lasted about 2 seconds.

The host I use is Ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop and I use an HDMI2VGA converter to connect the TX2 and the monitor. I am wondering if I did wrong to press reset after the installation.

Hoping for some help. thx.

Everything is probably working (check your router…likely there was an IP address requested and assigned…ssh probably works), but video is not configured. Note that all VGA cable types literally cut the wire used for a monitor reporting its capabilities to the video card driver. Using the VGA adapter severs all ability to auto-configure video…you need to get lucky for this to work.

If you use the CTRL-ALT-F1 hot key combination you might be able to get to a text console which works…it uses different video settings and you are more likely to get lucky since it uses older (more standard) settings by default.

Thank you for the comments. The problem exactly comes from the converter. It is strange that it worked at the first time I got my TX2 while failed after the installation of Jetpack 3.2. Now I’ve fixed the problem by replacing the VGA cable by an HDMI one and it works well.