Fail to log in the Omniverse

Hello, today I tried to install some app in Omniverse and it asked me to log in. However after pressing the password the login page keeps loading as below.

Then I reinstalled the Omniverse but still couldn’t log in. I found the log file and below is the relevant part.

[2024-03-27 13:38:08.928] [info]  Initialized.
[2024-03-27 13:38:21.081] [info]  Login URL opened.
[2024-03-27 13:38:21.083] [info]  Waiting for login result...
[2024-03-27 13:38:35.042] [info]  WEB /desktop/login-result?state=eyJlbGVjdHJvbiI6dHJ1ZX0%3D&ui_locales=en&code=Sj7VAgEqc0Ksdrfm3BMhs1SPm-5BQIgZGZUitGRLLREwTQzQGTonpJ4vKElW0dglmmNNoNoUtHRtk5o2OyHjaQ
[2024-03-27 15:09:08.754] [info]  Login cancelled.
[2024-03-27 15:09:37.433] [info]  Login URL opened.
[2024-03-27 15:09:37.436] [info]  Waiting for login result...
[2024-03-27 15:09:52.928] [info]  WEB /desktop/login-result?state=eyJlbGVjdHJvbiI6dHJ1ZX0%3D&ui_locales=en&code=y7itnD0p5ng8fWOE2rY7KR_xoydob7KgxAAkfgIz7tGLl1iJXYO1xlM1isEtM0uJNcFkDP7zmf0W-FdIQZtZeA
[2024-03-27 15:10:01.585] [info]  WEB /desktop/login-result?state=eyJlbGVjdHJvbiI6dHJ1ZX0%3D&ui_locales=en&code=y7itnD0p5ng8fWOE2rY7KR_xoydob7KgxAAkfgIz7tGLl1iJXYO1xlM1isEtM0uJNcFkDP7zmf0W-FdIQZtZeA
[2024-03-27 16:21:07.592] [info]  Login cancelled.

Could you figure out what happened? Thanks!

@Follograph which browser are you using, by chance? could try chabmnging fefault browser to chromium or Edge temporarily to see if anything changes

Hi @Simplychenable

I’m using firefox and it responded well before. Before I thought it may have something to do with cleaning cache. I followed your instruction and changed to chrome. It works, thanks!