Fail to login omniverse launcher

I want to install issam sim with Omniverse on a remote Centos server with RTX8000. But I can not login. After I click the login button, the browser launches with a blank page.

@759398959 i am just another user, and there could be several factors that attribute to this. below are a few questions that could provide more info:

  • which browser are you using? have you already tested with others?
  • i am not as well acquainted with centOS, but what’s your system hardware spec?
  • is it possible for you to upload the Launcher.log file and/or any console reports?
  • are you behind any firewall, antivirus, etc with proper ports opened thats required by OV?
  • which version of Omniverse Launcher are you using? (the most tecent being 1.9.8 whilst the last version was 1.8.11)

Thank you very much!

  1. I tried Firefox and Chromium-browser but both browsers failed.

  2. CPU and GPU

  3. console output

  4. I am not sure but I did not see errors about port.

  5. version: Omniverse Launcher 1.9.8 (production)

Thank you again!

thanks for providing these information! they will be helpful. i’ll defer to the mods/devs on this due to my limited knowledge with this specific setup. the error that stood out to me was the failed connection to bus and the fact that it couldn’t parse the server address. hopefully they will be able to provide more concrete insight.

This is because the Launcher is gpu accelerated and it requires remote access software that can use “gpu passthrough” to allow gpu acceleration remotely. The errors are telling you, that the session cannot “render” the Launcher GUI. Also make sure you have a physical monitor attached to the remote server to the Launcher GUI has somewhere to render to. You need to have VM software with vGPU support enabled.

Also, if its Windows based, update to Windows server 2022 and add a “RTX Virtual Workstation/vGPU driver”.

As a trick you can try adding the kit flag “–/foundation/verifyOsVersion/enabled=false” and it will not check for the correct OS before launching