Fail to read TKE_SCE_SHARED_TKETSC0_0 register

I’m trying to read the value of TKE_SCE_SHARED_TKETSC0_0 register (31:0), its offset is 0x0 according to the Parker TRM and the register map indicates that the SCE_TKE_SHARED start address is 0x0b0f0000, but the TX2 gets completely stuck and requires a hardware reset to work again, any idea of what could be going on?

volatile uint32_t *scestkes;
uint32_t tsc_local_secs;

scestkes = (volatile uint32_t *) ioremap(0x0b0f0000, 32); 
tsc_local_secs = readl(scestkes);

Also tried to read the register with devmem but the TX2 gets stuck as well:

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo devmem2 0x0b0f0000 b
/dev/mem opened.
Memory mapped at address 0x7f7a827000.


Why do you need to access this REG?

From CPU, this SCE register can not be accesses. Permission not there.