Fail to set 1 by 8 monitors by portrait mode using NVS510 under Ubuntu14.4

I have 8 monitors displayed in portrait mode under Linux.
I have 2 NVS510 connected to the device.

The goal is to have these 8 monitors to display as a big screen in portrait mode. So that if I hit full screen browser, the google-chrome will cross all 8 monitors and display a web page.

The resolution of each monitor is 1360x768.

Here is how I set the xorg.conf

Here is the bug log:

Login User name not display correctly.

Can not control the mouse.
Monitors keep fleshing if I move the mouse.

When I open nvidia-settings, I get missing content in it.

Any ideas? Feel free to contact me and ask for further information if needed.

Many thanks.

But it seems that I can still choose and change. However, there are something going wrong.

I think BaseMosaic" “on” . We fixed this issue and tracking this under bug 1492838. Fix will be available in next release driver.

Confirm that this bug has been fixed in the new driver. Good job and many thanks.