Faile to enable extension through python

I have a collection of extensions that I’m enabling from the onstart method from a “primary” extension
that’s basically what I’m doing

def enable_extension(ext_manager, name: str) → None:
if ext_manager.is_extension_enabled(name) == False:
ext_manager.set_extension_enabled(name, True)

for a list of extensions. They work fine.

However I have noticed that there is just a single extension that doest get loaded on the start, no matter what code I put inside it of it. But, as soon as I type ctrl save a hot reload occurs and the extension is automatically enabled.

In the console I get a message of error:
2022-08-12 15:32:27 [Error] [carb.scripting-python.plugin] Exception: Extension python module: ‘MyExtension’ in ‘c:\users\icaro\onedrive\desktop\folder\folder\exts\myextensinrighthere’ failed to load.

and erros on app/kit/plugins/bindings-python/ext/impl/

Does anyone have any idea what causes this behavior?

Hi @icaroleles1. Do you have a more concrete example for this? I’m not able to reproduce it.