failed of the SDK samples and Xorg on Debian based distribution


I’m trying to get my Nvidia Geforce GTX 280 working on my GNU/Linux
system (Debian Etch or Ubuntu 8.04/8.10)
My objective is to use it for calculation purpose with CUDA.

Because samples from the CUDA sdk toolkit doesn’t work (memory alocation
in the video card fail), I decided to see if normal installation of the
graphic driver for xorg is working : it doesn’t. (I usually install proprietary drivers
for my differents Nvidia Graphic cards without problems on GNU/Linux
Debian distributions)

I’ve attached my nividia bug report to this post.

Do you have any suggestions for my problem ?

Thanks for your help,
nvidia_bug_report.log.txt (140 KB)

Same problem with a 32 bit distribution (Ubuntu Hardy 8.04)

Attached to this post, the nvidia-bug-report.

If some one can help. Thanks,

nvidia_bug_report.log.txt (151 KB)

Sorry, but for the first post I was not with a 64 bit distribution.

As you can see with this bug report, now I am.

I have tested my graphics card with other hardware, same GNU/Linux Distribution, but with a different motherboard/cpu/memory.

For me it doesn’t work with a bi-AMD Opteron™ Processor 250.

I’ve sucessful tested it on Intel platform.

My problem is : I couldn’t use the graphics card with the SDK, so I try to simple use it with X (without success).
If some one can suggest me a direction to invistigate, thanks you.

nvidia_bug_report.log.txt (125 KB)