Failed to boot after restart

Hi, my Xavier NX failed to boot from NVME after I executed the command “shutdown -r”. I have collected logs from serial port as attached. It seems that it cannot find “initrd”.

[0018.161] I> rootfs path: /nvme/boot/initrd
[0018.167] I> ext2_walk:142: ‘initrd’ lookup failed
[0018.170] I> ext4_open_file:666: ‘/boot/initrd’ lookup failed
[0018.176] E> file /nvme/boot/initrd open failed!!
[0018.180] W> Failed to load ramdisk binary from rootfs (err=202113041)
[0018.187] E> Failed loading ramdisk
[0018.190] I> PCIe (5) link is UP
[0018.203] I> removable_boot_load_kernel_and_dtb: force NVME bdev to close !!!
[0018.204] E> NVME (5) boot failed, err: 0x2b2b0019

How can I fix this? I would appreciate an approach that does not need flashing it. Thanks!
log1.txt (34.4 KB)

Was that able to work before?

Yes. It was able to boot from nvme before.

Could you boot into emmc and mount that nvme and see if the initrd is really gone?

Forgive me since I am new to Xavier NX. How can I boot into emmc?

Remove the nvme from the board. Flash your board with sdkmanger or whatever the board vendor told you.

After flash, boot into emmc. Make sure it can operate. Remove the power, plug the nvme back. Boot up. Use mount command to mount your nvme drive up. Go to that mount point and see if there is still a /boot/initrd* there.

Hi, I have followed your steps and found 3 files named as “initrd*” in /boot folder in the nvme disk.


Does it help to solve the issue? Thanks!

Could you check the /boot on your emmc drive and see if there are only these 3 files?

No, there are many other files present. But only 3 files among them are named as “initrd*”.

I mean the emmc. Not the nvme. Are you sure you know how to tell whether you are reading emmc or nvme?

I just accessed to one of my NX, and just had more than 3 files here.

Sorry for the mistake. Now there are 6 files named as “initrd*” in the /boot folder in the emmc:


Yes, now you know what files are missing. Copy them back and see if nvme can bypass the previous error.

It works! Now the board can boot from nvme.

Thank you very much!

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