Failed to boot Jetson xavier with SD card

I wrote the OS image to the microSD card with the instruction in
(1)Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit - Get Started | NVIDIA Developer.

I would like to connect a TOF camera AD-FXTOF1-EBZ to my xavier.
so I refer to (2)Nvidia Xavier NX User Guide [Analog Devices Wiki]
to get the image “xavier_nx-fxtof1-latest-image.img”.

the formatting of SD card and image writing was successful according to page (1),
but when I insert the SD card to
the xavier and turn it on, it does not work.

after NVIDIA bios message, a lot of messages are printed on the screen and finally a message
"Press ESC in 1 seconds to skip startup.nsh or any other key to continue.
Shell > "
appears, and stops.
(the digit in the message is counted down from 5 to 1)
I try to type ESC or other keys, but the prompt does not react The key input seems not working.

Please give me some advice to solve this problem.
thanx in advance.


can you try flashing it with SDK Manager to make sure the bootloader is flashed correctly?
Or attach the full serial console log here, not just a lot of messages are printed on the screen and finally a message.

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