Failed to boot the JetsonXavierNX device from the USB flash drive

[Com COM4] (2022-09-28_150906).log (43.9 KB)
After re-starting the operation, the system is somewhat different. It looks like log starts the rootfs from USB, is it so? Also, what is the username and password? Thank you!

There is no “default user account or password” provided in our BSP…

So it could be you set that previously already and you forgot…

I followed the steps of “Flashing to a USB Drive” on the official website, and did not configure the user name and password. Now what should I do to get this username and password? Or, what is the best way to set the username and password in a remake?

我的意思是應該是你的rootfs之前就已經被你或是你跑過的其他tool設定過username跟pwd了. 如果你有燒過emmc或是sdcard image的例子, 你應該知道我們沒有預設帳密這件事情… 所有帳密都是你第一次開機的時候進行設定的.


What I want to say is your rootfs probably already got other tool or by yourself to set username and pwd…
If you ever flashed emmc or sdcard image case, then you would know we don’t have any default user account/pwd in BSP…

Please check if your rootfs is really intact one from jetpack without any change…

另外,usb rootfs启动过程中,会不会被别的某些源码,例如emmc上的某些程序修改用户名字和密码?

Can I understand that as long as the rootfs used by my USB is captured from the official website Jetpack and not changed, I can guarantee that there is no user and password when starting rootfs from USB, right?
In addition, during the startup process of USB rootfs, will the user name and password be changed by some other source code, such as some programs on EMMC?

  1. 只要我的usb使用的rootfs是从官网Jetpack上抓下來然後沒改過,就可以保证从usb启动rootfs时是没有用户名和密码的
    → Yes.

  2. 另外,usb rootfs启动过程中,会不会被别的某些源码,例如emmc上的某些程序修改用户名字和密码?
    → 目前你的開機過程中emmc完全沒有被使用到. 如果你想要討論security相關問題, 你可以發一個新的topic詢問.
    目前這條topic只會討論你的boot from usb 問題而已. 我們有另外一些disk encryption的功能, 可以在新的討論串討論.

In your current bot flow, emmc is totally not in use. If you want to discuss some security issue, you could file a new topic for it. Current topic will only discuss your boot from usb problem. We do have some disk encryption function which you can ask in another thread.

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Now it can be started from a USB key, thank you very much
I also have a question, what are the determinants of booting from USB besides the following two?

  1. Boot-order, USB needs to be in the front
  2. In USB storage device, the app image is intact, and extLinux/extLinux.conf can be checked and root=/dev/nvme0n1p1

root=/dev/nvme0n1p1 → this looks incorrect… This is nvme.

Sorry, wrong, root=/dev/sda1
Usb mode boot, in addition to the above two, there are other factors?

No, I don’t think so. These should be sufficient.

Ok, thank you very much

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