Failed to build custom Tacotron2 in jarvis-speech-maker

I trained Tacotron2 in Thai language using NeMo and it failed to build jmir format, but English Tacotron2 downloaded from NGC is build successfully.

Hi @6370120621
Could you please share the model file so we can help better?
As per error msg it seems script is not able to find encoder-model_weights.ckpt. Could you please verify the trained model has all the required files?


Hi @SunilJB
This is my nemo model file Tacotron2.nemo - Google Drive

I also tried to use nemo file from TTS En Tacotron2 | NVIDIA NGC, it errors the same as my file, but use file from Speech Synthesis English Tacotron2 | NVIDIA NGC, it’s works.

What is the difference between these two? or I miss something to convert nemo file that I got after finish training to deployable?

Now, I fixed this issue by following this Failed to build Tacotron2 in Jarvis · Issue #2154 · NVIDIA/NeMo (, but it has an error when I use command deploy_all_model in jarvis-speech-servicemaker version 1.0b3.

I use waveglow from Speech Synthesis Waveglow | NVIDIA NGC.