Failed to checkout license The desired vendor daemon is down

Hello, the 13.6 PGI compiler was working fine the last time I used it, however, I am now getting this error:

pgi-f95-lin64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license
pgi-f95-lin64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: The desired vendor daemon is down.

The PATH appears to be OK, the license file is permanent and looks fine (not corrupted, values seem OK), pinging HOSTID gives the same address as INTERNET. lmgrd.rc is started
I tailed the flexlm.log, the last line gives:

9:36:35 (lmgrd) Failed to open the TCP port number in the license.

I am running CENTOS 6.5, ROCKS 6.1.1, behind a company firewall.

Any help solving the license issue would be great. Thanks!


First, make sure you have a current format license file, by displaying the
license online. There may be a problem, depending…

Second, edit the license SERVER line and change the port 27000
to another port number - like 7496. Then restart the license service
or run

lmutil lmreread

so the older ‘cached’ license is replaced with the new one.

If it still fails, make sure that if you have a firewall, you have ports
for lmgrd and/or pgroupd to get through to communicate.

If you still have problems, contact .


Thanks Dave, that did the trick!
I changed the port to 7496 and restarted the license server, problem solved.

The flexlm.log file should indicate the system rejected the TCP/IP port,
which is saying it did not like 27000.