failed to connect a Basler USB3 camera on tx2

I’m trying to connect a Baslet USB3 camera to the tx2.
The camera is being recognised by PylonViewer as a Usb camera (in the drop down menu, with the correct name) but when double clicking it to run it, I get the following error:
“Failed to load embedded nodemap UsbStreamParams”

The camera, when connected to a laptop works - so it’s not the camera / cable.

help is most appreciated

By default, we support UVC driver. Please check if you can run the camera by following

Thanks DaneLLL
the camera is not added as /dev/video1 - so I assume it’s impossible?
Are you aware of any external drivers or something I could install to run it?

We found two links on official website. May have some information.

Thanks for the links!
I’m in touch with Basler representatives - I’ll post once I get something worth sharing.

Hi DaneLLL,
Unfortunately I cannot provide anything useful - reflashing the board solved the issue