"failed to connect sshd" problem occured when I installed both v8.0 and v9.0 toolkits

Firstly, I installed the latest v9.0 cuda toolkit on my windows PC, and then I used the v9.0 visual profiler to connect the remote machine successfully. Then I found myself cannot run the cuda app through visual profiler because the toolkit installed on the remote machine is v8.0.
So I installed the v8.0 tookit on my windows PC too, and then used the v8.0 visual profiler to connect the remote machine, then it prompt that “Unable to connect org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Failed to connect shhd on xx.xx.xx.xx:22”. But at the same time, the v8.0 visual profiler is able to connect other machines, and the v9.0 visual profiler is able to connect the machine which the v8.0 cannot connect to.
So could anyone mind telling me the solution? or does the nvprof tool have the full function that the visual profiler have?

Hi, chncwang

This may cause you use the same workspace for both v8.0 and v9.0 on your host machine.

Just use 2 different workspaces and have a try.
Clean the connection is also recommended. You can remove the workspace directly and then try again