Failed to create Hydra Engine for viewport


When I open Audio2Face, the message “Failed to create Hydra Engine for viewport” appears in the lower left corner and nothing is displayed in the viewport. Also on the right, it says TensorRT is loading, but it takes forever and there is no result. I saw a similar message on the forum but did not find an answer for myself. I’m sending you my files as you requested in this appeal.

My laptop:
Nvidia RTX 3080TI 16GB
Intel I9-12900H

Logs.rar (1.0 MB)

I’m waiting for a response, thank you!

Hi @sheleppavlo2001 welcome to the forum!
Could you try installing graphics driver version 527.37 to see if it works?

It didn’t help me. This is what the program looks like after starting

I see this error in the logs Access is denied: 'C:\\Program Files\\Nvidia Cache\\Kit'
Can you check and see if you have full write access?

I changed the initial cache storage folder during installation and that may have caused some problems. This folder is empty for me. How can I give access to writing?

I guess you can try using an administrator user on Windows to see if it works.