Failed to create Hydra Engine - Omniverse Code

I am unable to use RTX renderer in Omniverse Code. Pixar Storm works, but changing to RTX will throw “Failed to create Hydra Engine for Viewport” in the status bar, viewport remains black. Which logs exactly would be useful to upload here for some advice?

Running RTX 3070 FE, driver 526.98, motherboard has onboard AMD Radeon ™.
Create, Marbles work fine (yet slow), Showroom demos only with gray viewport.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @moebelhaus. The app logs for Code would be most helpful: How to Report an issue with Omniverse

Have you confirmed that Code is actually using the the RTX card or if maybe it’s using the integrated graphics?

I got it working by adding --/renderer/multiGpu/enabled=false at startup, thanks for the pointer in the right direction!

As per the logs, it seems to have choked on the secondary GPU, event though I read it would automatically skip non-RTX hardware by default, and the logs showed the RTX to be the “Active” one.

Here’s the corresponding docs where I found the commandline arg in case anyone else runs into this:

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