Failed to create Hydra Engine to viewport

Sorry to disturb, as others I received the message “Failed to create Hydra Engine to viewport” after installation and launch. I updated the driver of my Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 and reinstalled Audio2Face.
I’ve a DELL XPS 15-7590 with 32 Go, i7-9750H and 4 To.
Is it compatible ? Can you help ?
Many tx in advance.

Hello @ohnitescent! The reason why you are seeing that error message is because your GPU does not have the required RTX Tensor cores to process the rendering. Take a look at our Technical Requirements for compatible GPUs.

I’d like to also share with you that we will be releasing NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud very soon! I suggest that you check out the GTC Keynote happening tomorrow! And check out the links for more information!

Many tx Wendy. Have a good day.