Failed to download Jetpack4.2 resources with SDKM

I use the SDK Manager to flash the Jetson Nano B01 module with Jetpack4.2, however, it always failed.
Check the logs and found that it has HTPError when it try to download the target image. I also try to copy the list url and manually download it in browser for a try and get error, it seems the page is not found.
Maybe the resources of old version are unavailable now?
The same error also occur when I try the Jetpack4.3
I export the logs and attach it here for checking.
SDKM_logs_JetPack_4.2.1_(rev.2) (62.0 KB)

Try downloading the newest JetPack4.x, but start it like this to show other releases:
sdkmanager --archivedversions

I don’t know that this will help, but sometimes newer releases get an update the older releases don’t get, and despite selecting an older release, this might fix the issue. If not, then yo can export the sdkm logs and post those.

Thanks for helping, I do use the --archivedversions option for old version. Jetpack4.2 is listed, however, it failed to download resources while flashing.

I won’t be able to answer it myself, but the next step then is to use the export of logs on SDK Manager and post the logs (from the newer release run with “--archivedversions”).

Actually, I have attached it at my first message. The zip attached is the logs.

So at this point someone from NVIDIA has to look at the logs and examine which server had failed (something I can’t do).

Looks like a server issue. Wil let our team to help check.

The server issue should be fixed, please help to get it try. Thanks

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