Failed to driver wifi chip AP6398S on NX


I recently use your chip named Xavier NX, I have a question for you.

Have you verified AP6398S on your platform?
AP6398S is one kind of wifi module, and Xavier connects it through SDIO bus.

Before the sdio bus does the operation with low frequency scanning(100K,200K,300K,400K), there was a segment of 25M frequency wave. The specific waveform is shown in the figure-1 below. I think it is useless .

And CMD voltage is only 1.3v far lower than normal 1.8v. The specific waveform is shown in the figure-2 below.

Currently , this wifi module(AP6398S) is not recognized through SDIO bus.

Please help me solve the ploblem.
Thank you very much.


No, we didn’t verify it before. The last time we have wifi module on SDIO is on TX2.