Failed to flash NVMe SSD on Nvidia Orin Nano


Till now, I am using Micro SD Card to run deepstream on Jetson Orin Nano (with an extension of 10 GB swap memory). To further improve the performance of the deepstream pipeline, I am trying to use NVMe SSD 256 GB from Zebronics. I tried several ways to flash the SSD with SDK Manager, jetsonhacks and other ways. But, I have been unsuccessful in all ways with a common error.

Error: /dev/nvmem0: no such file or directory.

Couple of questions:

  1. Can we improve the performance of the deepstream pipeline by changing the Micro SD Card to NVMe SSD?
  2. How to setup NVMe SSD for zebronics ssd drive? (ZEBRONICS ZEB-MN26 256GB M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive (SSD), with 1900MB/s Read Speed, PCIe Gen 3.0)

link:GitHub - jetsonhacks/bootFromExternalStorage: Shell scripts to setup a NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, Xavier NX, AGX Orin, or Orin Nano Developer Kit to boot from external storage.

You have to first make sure the bottleneck is the disk speed.
Or you should consider different nvpmodel power mode, and also jetson_clocks.

Have you tried other NVMe drives?
I don’t think we have ever tested this ZEBRONIC brand.

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