Failed to flash tx1 by Jetpack on Ubuntu 16.04

On Sep 2016, I flashed the tx1 board successfully by Jetpack 2.3.
But, today I downloaded the 2.3.1 and 2.3 pack, both failed to flash tx1.

When select the install action, I need to uninstall the libopencv4tegra, because the libopencv4tegra can not be installed on my host
However, if I move my mouse on the action check list, the jetpack software will continue bypass all procedure as expected and exit.

Does anyone else have the same issue?

Here is my way to handle this odd thing

  1. select ‘custom’ installation
  2. press ‘Clear Actions’ button
  3. select ‘For Jetson TX1 64bit’ to ‘install’
  4. select ‘CUDA Toolkit on Ubuntu 16.04’ to ‘no action’

next, I can install the software packages