Failed to get page fault info and event markers from GPU dump

GFSDK_Aftermath_GpuCrashDump_GetPageFaultInfo and GFSDK_Aftermath_GpuCrashDump_GetEventMarkersInfoCount returns GFSDK_Aftermath_Result_NotAvailable
Why this happens?
I’m using DX11, driver version 527.56, Windows 10 build 17763

Hi foricles,

Welcome to the NVIDIA Forums, and thanks for your question.

DX11 is basically supported, but not a primary API for us. If you can provide a repro, that would help us to debug the problem.


I’m getting HUNG by making infinite loop in shader when
while (t != 6.0f) { t += 1.1556165456f; }

On gpuCrashDumpCb callback I’m trying to call event markers and they are not available. Before I setup them by GFSDK_Aftermath_SetEventMarker

Hi foricles,

Can you tell me what GPU you are using?


GeForce RTX 3060