Failed to get PCS block lock with switch SFI interface

Here’s our configuration:
ethernet@6810000 {
status = “okay”;
nvidia,mac-addr-idx = <0>;
nvidia,max-platform-mtu = <16383>;
/* 1=enable, 0=disable /
nvidia,pause_frames = <1>;
phy-mode = “10gbase-r”;
1:10G, 0:5G /
nvidia,uphy-gbe-mode = <1>;
0:XFI 10G, 1:XFI 5G, 2:USXGMII 10G, 3:USXGMII 5G */
nvidia,phy-iface-mode = <0>;

            fixed-link {
                    speed = <10000>;

We use Orin to connect to the SFI interface of the switch. “PCS block lock SUCCESS” and “Failed to get PCS block lock” alternately.
Use the command “devmem2 0x068A8050”, it’s 0x200 or 0x240. Is there a description of this register? Or how do I debug this register so that it’s the right value?

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