Failed to install miniconda on TX2

I am started with pytorch, and its most recommended way to install is through conda.
But after I tried serial version like, they all failed with:

‘Illegal instruction (core dumped)’

Yet I finally installed conda 4.9.2 with this version without any error, which is learned from jetson tx2 安装miniconda失败原因(illegal instruction (core dump)原因解析与简易安装miniconda_conda clean --all illegal instruction (core dumped_须臾一念的博客-CSDN博客

And maybe the conda version is too old when I tey to install pytorch it still has problem:
'PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels:

  • torchaudio’

If I used ‘conda update’, Illegal instruction (core dumped) occors again after update.

I’d like to ask if anyone else has faced similar issues while installing miniconda?
What is the best way to install miniconda on jetson TX2?

Thank you in advance!


If your target is to install PyTorch, you can try our prebuilt directly.
Please use the package provided for JetPack 4:

For the “Illegal instruction” error, this is usually caused by the NumPy.
Please find more info below:


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