Failed to log into Jetson Nano from my computer using the SSH protocol

After configuring the Jetson Nano card, we proceed to start the card session from the computer using the SSH protocol. But at the moment of connecting the jetson with the username and the IP address an error appears that mentions that the Host has changed, as shown in the image that accompanies the body of the message, and it never asks for the password. Even though I have formatted and flashed the card several times, the error remains the same even when changing the username and password.

Would you try to remove the “” entry in the /.ssh/knwon_hosts ?
When Windows, you can use Notepad to edit the file.

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An added note to what @MtHiker is getting at: Whenever the IP address changes from what ssh has known from the past results in ssh being suspicious. If you are using a router (and most people are), and if that router assigns a new address, then this is harmless, but ssh still warns you.