Failed to map buffer for DMA from using AJA to run sample app

Ran sample applications on docker container using AJA as input and got the ‘Failed to map buffer for DMA, Failed to setup AJA buffers’ error as below:

root@e040d73400d2:/workspace# cd
./apps/ultrasound_segmentation/run_segmentation_aja  Script executed 
from: /opt/holoscan_sdk/segmentation_aja App yaml file is: 
/ultrasound_segmentation/segmentation_aja.yaml App manifest file is: 
/ultrasound_segmentation/segmentation_aja_manifest.yaml 2022-07-06 
04:05:40.143 INFO  gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@230: Creating context 2022-07-06 
04:05:40.578 INFO  gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@107: Loading app: 
'apps/ultrasound_segmentation/segmentation_aja.yaml' 2022-07-06 
04:05:40.578 INFO  gxf/std/yaml_file_loader.cpp@117: Loading GXF 
entities from YAML file 
'apps/ultrasound_segmentation/segmentation_aja.yaml'... 2022-07-06 
04:05:40.593 INFO  gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@291: Initializing... 2022-07-06 
04:05:40.896 INFO  gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@298: Running... 2022-07-06 
04:05:40.897 INFO  gxf/std/greedy_scheduler.cpp@170: Scheduling 8 
entities 2022-07-06 04:05:40.897 INFO  
gxf_extensions/aja/aja_source.cpp@240: AJA Source: Using NTV2_CHANNEL1 
2022-07-06 04:05:40.897 INFO  gxf_extensions/aja/aja_source.cpp@241: AJA
 Source: RDMA is enabled 2022-07-06 04:05:41.048 ERROR 
gxf_extensions/aja/aja_source.cpp@231: Failed to map buffer for DMA 
2022-07-06 04:05:41.048 ERROR gxf_extensions/aja/aja_source.cpp@263: 
Failed to setup AJA buffers. 2022-07-06 04:05:41.048 WARN  
gxf/std/greedy_scheduler.cpp@221: Error while executing entity 1 named 
'source': GXF_FAILURE 2022-07-06 04:05:41.048 INFO  
gxf/std/greedy_scheduler.cpp@353: Scheduler finished. 2022-07-06 
04:05:41.048 ERROR gxf/std/program.cpp@373: wait failed. Deactivating...
 |                                           Job Statistics Report 
 | Name                                               |   Count | Time 
(Median - 90% - Max) [ms] | Load (%) | Exec(ms) | Variation (Median - 
90% - Max) [ns]        | 
 2022-07-06 04:05:41.053 ERROR gxf/core/runtime.cpp@1173: Graph wait 
failed with error: GXF_FAILURE 2022-07-06 04:05:41.053 ERROR 
gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@316: GxfGraphWait Error: GXF_FAILURE

Hello, just to double check, are you in dGPU mode on Clara AGX devkit? And that you have set up the AJA drivers according to AJA Video Systems — Clara Holoscan 0.2.0 documentation

Please note we are updating the docker run command in this section AJA Video Systems — Clara Holoscan 0.2.0 documentation.

Yes, the AGX is in dGPU mode. I ran the sample app without aja (pre-recorded video source) with no problem. The aja card is installed and I add --device /dev/ajantv20:/dev/ajantv20 to docker run command.

Is it possible to be the RDMA problem?